The Co-Creator's Club

For the good of all concerned | with Ellen Watts

What's included

The Co-Creators Club is a special Academy style global membership of like-minded, like-purposed, Cosmically curious friends who would love to create more of what they want. more often.  It bridges the gap between my Cosmic Ordering books and programmes, my action focused, make it happen, Get it Sorted programmes, and my business VIP coaching and mentoring programmes. It's also where I'll be launching my newest products first and usually at amazing discounts that will only be available to members.  

Each month we will have 1 LIVE webinar style training from me on a focus area of Cosmic Ordering, such as health, relationships, money or finding the love of your life or a masterclass in a particular technique such as Cosmic Ordering with Vision boards or Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & fears. 

Also each month, there will be a LIVE group coaching call where anyone can ask me anything and I will answer as many as I possibly can in the hour.  We can learn so much listening to someone else's situation and applying the solutions to our own. Sometimes it's just easier to spot other people's blocks and others will be able to spot yours and there's something magical about hearing about others successes which inspire us to grow and take the next step ourselves.  "A rising tide raises ALL ships!"

The best place to share all these wonderful success stories is in the secret Facebook group which is included in your membership.  I've made it secret so that no one will even know you're there - so you can talk and share freely and support each other as you learn these wonderful lessons and co-create the life you truly want. 

And if you do need extra help then outside of my training, mentoring and VIP programmes, this is the ONLY place where you will be able to book a private 1 to 1 session with me. 

Each month I will release my calendar link to the group with however many spaces I have available for that month and a special discount code that is only valid for that month so you can secure a private 1-hour session with me via Skype or recorded call for just £100 

Finally, I mentioned that new products, books and training will be made available to Co-Creators before they are released anywhere else and it is my intention that there will also be opportunities to be part  of what I call the Cosmic Squad - by being part of the launch team and helping promote and share the new product or event and being rewarded for doing so.  I will keep you posted of that as it happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will the live events be?

A. Currently, we meet on the 1st & 4th Friday of the month at 8pm GMT  - the first meeting is a masterclass webinar, the second meeting is a live group coaching call. 

Q. Will the sessions be recorded

Absolutely and the recordings will be added to your membership site so over time they build an archive of resources. 

Q. What if I don't do Facebook - can I still interact with you and other Co-Creators?

Yes, I plan to add a discussion app to this site so you can ask questions directly from inside the programme and this function will grow as the group grows. 

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

No. It's all set up for pay as you go. There is no joining fee and no contract. You just pay for each month as it happens.  You can cancel your membership at any time and you will still be a member with full access until your next payment was due. Hope you're OK with that. 

I've done your 'Course in Cosmic Ordering' (it was brilliant by the way!) How is this different?

My programmes like 'A Course in Cosmic Ordering' and The ' Get it Sorted' Challenge are intensives that I run for 6 - 8 weeks a couple of times a year. They usually have daily emails and weekly training and coaching and are much structured, aiming for you to master a particular subject or reach a specific goal.  Some include 1 - 1 sessions with me as part of the programme.

Co-creators Club, on the other hand, is on going and responsive - the group will determine the content of the training depending on what you want to ask me for and it will grow in content and resources over time.

Q. Can I book a 1 - 1 session with you and how do I do it?

Once you're a member - each month when I have assessed my diary and 1 - 1 spots I can spare will be offered by email to Club members (I imagine there will be around just 10 spaces a month and they will be available on a first come, first served basis. 

Q. Will you be in the Facebook group or is that just for us? Can we ask you questions there?

Mostly it's for you as a global support group but yes, I will pop in about once a week and see what you're all up to. I may even pop in with the odd surprise or a FB LIVE now and again.  In between time, if you particularly want me to see your post or comment then please do tag me so I will be sure to see it. 

Q. Can I email you with individual questions if I get stuck on anything or need help? 

No, I can't answer Cosmic Ordering or limiting belief questions by email for members. This service is only for my private coaching clients.
As you can imagine it would just take all my time and is not an effective way of coaching on its own.  However, I can support you very well in these ways - 

FACEBOOK GROUP - naturally, I want to support you and I want you to get the most from your membership so the best way to do that is to use the FB group for your questions where you will get plenty of support and answers from your fellow Co-creators. If you specifically want my input then do tag me and I'll comment when I can. Remember though that there is only one of me and if I'm running an intensive programme at the time, then a lot of my attention will be with those students who are paying for my more individual attention.

GROUP COACHING CALLS  - More complex questions or situations are best brought to the group coaching call where I am all yours for an hour.  

TRAINING WEBINARS And I will choose the webinar topic or topics each month according to what I see being asked in the group too.  

Q As a member, will I get discounts off your other programmes and VIP days?

Absolutely - you will have all the best mate's rates and special offers plus a head start on all the limited number programmes and events and when I start doing retreats - you will always have first chance to grab a place at a special price. Yes, there will be lots of perks to being a Co-creator.  Including lovely freebies whenever I think of them. Plus if there's something you want or need - just shout if I can create it for you I will so you will be Co-creating the group and how it develops.


Ellen Watts
Ellen Watts

Award-winning author, coach, trainer & speaker, Ellen Watts is an inspirational mixture of warmth, fun & down to earth practical advice to help you get wherever you want to go. And if you don't know where that is - she can help you with that too!

If you have any questions before you decide if you would love to join us, then please check out the Frequently Asked Questions in the What's included section above.

And if you still have a question after that, then email me at  

Course Curriculum

Monthly Training Webinars
Dec 2018 - Co-creating the 2019 you really want. PDF of the Powerpoint Slides
Oct 2018 - Lessons from Lefkas - A Greek Island Retreat
Oct 2018 -Lessons from Lefkas - A Greek Island Retreat - PDF of the powerpoint slides
Sept 2018 - Using Cosmic Ordering to Heal Family Wounds
Sept 2018 - Using Cosmic Ordering to Heal Family Wounds - Cheatsheets (pdf of the PowerPoint Slides)
Aug 2018 - Co-Creating your perfect job, career, pricing, opportunities etc
Aug 2018 - Cheatsheets (pdf of the PowerPoint slides)
July 2018 - Why are some people LUCKier than others?
July 2018 (pdf of Powerpoint slides)
June 2018 - Accelerating your Orders and More!
June 2018 - Accelerating your Orders and More - Cheatsheets (PDF copy of the slides)
May 2018 - Co-Creating Habits & Rituals that serve us.
May 2018 - Cheatsheets (pdf of slides)
April 2018 - Co Creating your Perfect Home
April 2018 - Cheatsheets (pdf of the Slides)
March 2018 - Cosmic Ordering Friends; Co-Creating Friendships
March 2018 - Cheatsheets (pdf of the slides)
Feb 2018 - Answering 3 Key Questions on Love, Winning & Resilience
Feb 2018 Cheatsheets (pdf of the Webinar Slides) - Answers to 3 Key Questions
Jan 2018 - Cosmic Ordering for 2018
Jan 2018 - Cosmic Ordering for 2018 - Cheatsheets (pdf of the Webinar Slides)
Dec 2017 - Cosmic Ordering for Business - How to Order the customers and resources for the business you really want
Dec 2017 - Cosmic Ordering for Business - Cheatsheets (pdf of the webinar slides)
Nov 2017 - All sorts of Everything & Every day - answers to your questions.
Nov 2017 - All sorts of everything & everyday - Cheatsheets (pdf of Webinar slides).
Oct 2017 - How to stay positive when everything around you is negative
Oct 2017 - How to stay positive - Cheetsheets (pdf of the Powerpoint Slides)
Sept 2017 - Resistance isn't Futile - How to use resistance to our advantage to get the life we really want.
Sept 2017 - Resistance isn't Futile - Cheatsheets (pdf of the Powerpoint Slides).
Aug 2017 - The Importance of Vision & Focus in Cosmic Ordering. (Including using Vision Boards)
Aug 2017 - The Importance of Vision & Focus - Cheatsheets (pdf of the Powerpoint slides).

Reviews (2)

Cosmic ordering for Money and Wealth

by Antonieta Dias
Spot on. Thank you for the ever so useful tips:)


by Katie Cokeley
Hi Ellen Just going through the lessons on your co-creating group. I am loving your vibe and energy. Thank you Blessings and love Katie Jane

Cosmic ordering for Money and Wealth

by Antonieta Dias
Spot on. Thank you for the ever so useful tips:)


by Katie Cokeley
Hi Ellen Just going through the lessons on your co-creating group. I am loving your vibe and energy. Thank you Blessings and love Katie Jane